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Licenses and Laws in New York State

Some specific New York State laws on the practice of health and wellness services are outlined below.

New York State Licensed Professions

Certified Athletic Trainer

Only a person licensed by the State Education Department may use the title certified athletic trainer in New York

Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist

Only a person certified by the State Education Department may use the titles certified dietitian-nutritionist, certified dietitian, or certified nutritionist in New York.

Certification is not required to perform nutritional counseling in New York, but only individuals certified by the New York State Education Department may use the certified dietitian/nutritionist titles.

Physical Therapist

The initials used in connection with a licensed physical therapist’s name are “P.T.” Only the use of the abbreviation “P.T.” is protected in law, which means that only a licensed physical therapist can use these initials. Although an individual can include the academic degree in one’s signature, these designations are neither recognized nor protected by Education Law or the Rules of the Regents. You may find that there are other individuals using initials that may look like they are a physical therapist. CPT, for example, is used by certified personal trainers, but they are not licensed professionals and they are not physical therapists.

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Fitness Trainer Certifications

The four most well-known personal trainer certifications are shown below as well as some other specialist fitness certifications offered by the same companies. All are accredited with NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) and are pretty well respected in the industry.


The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers these certifications:


The National Strength and Conditioning Association offers these certifications:


The American College of Sports Medicine offers three main Health Fitness Certifications


The American Council on Exercise offers these certifications:

Other less well-known certifications are provided by many other organizations as well, some also accredited by NCCA.